Lola Loves Limp Celery

December 11, 2016  •  22 Comments

It's hard to disturb Rosencrantz when he's having a good catnap.



Never ask a twisted photographer like me if he thinks the celery is too limp to cook with the stew meat — he will probably make a photo project out of it —which is exactly what I did by putting the limp celery on the cats, all of whom happened to be napping, to see how they would react.  

Rosencrantz was the first victim of my "Limp Celery on Napping Cats" (original title) photo project, and, as expected, he didn't react at all.  

Lola was next, and she was a whole different story. As it turned out Lola loves limp celery, which made for a new title. Almost immediately after I laid the limp celery on her, she grabbed the end, pulled it under her chin and stared at me. When I tried to take in from her, she put both a hind and front paws on it and gave my hand a rather aggressive look. Once she saw that I wasn't going to take the limp celery from her, she held the top with her hind paws while she groomed herself before pulling the limp celery up to her chin and hugging it with her front paws.  She napped while hugging the limp celery for over an hour before she changed position, which allowed me to recover the stalk of limp celery from her. 

Spunk was the next victim, and he reacted with his usual excess of personality. Sasha just looked at the limp celery, knocked it off and went back to napping. Najar's reaction was much like Rosencrantz's, and Diné thought I was being silly to bother her under the bed with that stupid piece of limp celery.


"Sweet dreams are made of this"


Spunk: "I'm done! Please get this thing off of me you stupid paparazzo!"


Sasha: "What are you up to now? Can't a kitty get her beauty sleep around here?"


Naja was wide-eyed but didn't move.


Diné: "This ain't St. Louis under here Mr. Paparazzo!"



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Thanks, Julie! When it comes to cats...
I never knew limo celery had so many uses
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teri!
T & L Photos
Thanks, David!
There's a photo prop you don't see used often ;)
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