I'm On A Bike

December 01, 2016  •  16 Comments

I'm on a bike*
Hey look at me cause I'm sitting on a bike
I'm on a bike
Take a real good look at the hairball-chuckin bike


I'm on a bike hairball-chucker take a look at me
Sitting on a bike in the bright sun, see
Baskin in the rays, I’m getting really psyched
Can't stop me now cause I'm sitting on a bike


Take a picture, click, I'm on a bike, which
WD-40, sick, it has a nice pitch
I got my fur fluffed, look at all these sticks
I'm sitting cool, you in the hallway taking pics


I'm on a bike and, sitting still, and
A cactus looking over a WD-40 can
I'm the king of the world, on a bike like Lance
If you're not out here, then you’ve really missed your chance


To be on a bike take a look and see
I’m sitting on a bike, you can see that’s me 
With the tools there, other stuff and the like
I’m still really cool cause I'm sitting on a bike


Hey man, if you could see me now
Sitting on the seat you would say like wow
I wanna ride this bike to the moon somehow
Like good old Neil… go take a giant leap



*Inspired by "I'm On A Boat" by The Lonely Island (look it up at your own risk, it has explicit language, if you are not familiar with the video).



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Thanks, Julie!
Hey Tim ..I just loved this! That cat has a wonderful face! Thanks for sharing
T & L Photos
Thanks, Juanita!
Juanita Ortega(non-registered)
What a patient kitty, putting up with having someone taking those photos and watching him through the window. He must have been enjoying sitting on the bike! I love the story too, Tim.
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Thanks, Christine!
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