Heat Hog

December 02, 2016  •  18 Comments


With outside temperatures dropping into the low teens this week, the morning temps in our bedroom have been down around fifty. Laurie puts a pink sweatshirt over the heater vent to warm it up while she does some of her morning stretches on the floor with the heat blowing on her feet. The problem is Lola is a heat hog and stretches across the the bottom of the sweatshirt to soak up as much heat as she can while the furnace is running.



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Thanks, Julie!
Oh Lola .. a heat hog! Beautiful black kitty
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Hi David. The kitties get rioting out of their system when I get home and they start tearing things up until I give them their soft food. We just end up with six cats all snuggled up in bed with us every morning.
Letting the house get that cool, I'm surprised you don't have a full-scale kitty rebellion on your hands. :)
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Hi Lavinia! Tube worm describes Lola pretty well.
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