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Spunk reading about the Mazda 787B rotary engine race car that won at Le Mans in 1991. Spunk learned that Mazda remains the only Japanese auto maker to have won the 24 hour race. The 787B's engine has 4 rotors (654cc each) for a total displacement of 2.6 liters. My Mazda RX-8's engine has 2 rotors at 1.3 liters.


Sasha: "What? You woke me up to tell me about some Roto Rooter 'has been' race car?"


Najar: "Japanese? Isn't that like what's on the book thingie in front of me? How many rotors does that scooter on the cup have?"


Najar and Sasha: "Do we look like we really care?"


Lola: "Wow! Like that's really surprising a car with such a small engine could win at La Mans."


Diné: "I could care less about CCs, liters, cubic inches, '1066 and All That'. What do you think? Do I look like a glamorous kitty model?"


Rosencrantz: "I say, I say there. You bothering me with that pesky camera there boy!" 


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie! They send you kitty kisses.
Love those cats! Hugs to them all please
I really enjoy your cat posts. Kitties make me smile because they are adorable creatures with huge personalities whether they are chilling or finding trouble :)
T & L Photos
Hi Herman. If you ever saw the way Spunk runs from one end of the house to the other, you know just how much he likes to speed.
Cats definitely like speed. How faster they get their nip and treats, how happier they are!
Guess it's like me with my morning espresso and chocolate...
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