Go Storm

November 07, 2016  •  10 Comments


No poem today. Only a storm behind the traffic lights.  However, I do want to point out that I added two dropdown menus to the menu bar across the top of the page: "Cat Blogs" and "Tales From My Youth". People ask me about these blogs, but they are hard to find if you don't know what to search for. By adding them to their own dropdown menus, they are now easy to get to, especially for people who are new to the blog and hadn't seen the cats in action or read about some of the rather strange things that happened when I was young.


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Beautiful image Tim ..
T & L Photos
Hi Harry. The bottom two lights are green (bottom) and yellow (next higher) left turn arrows.
That is a strange traffic-light with 5 lamps instead of (normal) 3 lamps .. how does that work ?
T & L Photos
Very true. Thanks, Couriers.
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