November 06, 2016  •  18 Comments


A squirrel came to my window today
I asked him what he had to say
A silent look of slight dismay
Frozen he stood like a statue of clay
Once he determined I was okay 
He licked and groomed as I clicked away
And sat up straight like he was ready to pray
Then he bounded off on his merry way
A squirrel dropped by my window today





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Thanks, Julie! Maybe I should send you a pair so you can start a squirrel colony in NZ.
So handsome and what beautiful markings .. We don't have them in NZ
Thats a lovely squirrel. His or her tail is huge ! :-)
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Thanks, David. The squirrels don't seem to do nearly the damage the the porcupine, raccoon and gophers do.
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Thanks, Susan. Interesting comic on lasers pointing cats. I've read it's not good because the cats get frustrated and not catching it.
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