Hospital Day Two — Hanging In There

October 11, 2016  •  21 Comments


Chemo ran long today with a little over three hours of Cytarabine and what was supposed to be fours hours of Etoposide ended up taking 6 hours, so I didn't finish chemo until after 8:00 pm.  The upside is a got over 7 hours of work in for the office and walked over 8000 steps in the corridors on the floor I'm on. I also have a good view of Milne Stadium and watched high school football teams run around on the field. I couldn't tell if it was a game or practice as they spent most of their time running around on the far end of the field. There were a handful of some people in the stands. All in all, Im hanging in there pretty well at the end of day two.



You are an amazing person Tim .. Thinking of you. Hugs
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Thanks, Laurie. I'm glad to here the kitties are happy. Silly Najar.
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