Hospital Day Three — Sunrise & Sunset

October 12, 2016  •  21 Comments

Sunrise looking south out of the window of my hospital room


This marks the halfway point through my intensive chemo regimen before the stem cell transplant on Monday. I got in several hours of work for the office, and am over my step goal, but I not sure I can get to 8000 steps today like I did yesterday. They are leaving me hooked up to the I.V. to minimize connecting and disconnecting the access points on my PICC line, which will lesson the risk of infection. So now I have to unplug the IV tree and roll it around with me everywhere. I may walk the corridors of broken dreams by myself, but I'm never alone as I always have my shadow and the I.V. tree beside me.


Senset looking south-southwest.


View of the roof mimicking the mountains in the distance at sunrise.


View of the roof mimicking the mountains in the distance at sunset.


Attempt to get the color and clouds wispiness and changing textures with my phone.


Tim ..these are wonderful. Thinking of you
T & L Photos
Thank, Teri. I'm really sad you couldn't make it would have been a lot of fun to see you all, but I'll be able to see you after the holidays.
Teresa Henderson(non-registered)
Hi Timster,
I just am MAD MAD MAD about the balloon pics!!!!! They are just beautiful and they made my heart hurt to have missed it. I also missed seeing you all. Mom and I are making plans to ride the train after the holidays. I will keep in touch. Love ya'll.....
T & L Photos
Thanks, Teagan. If you like quirky French comedies, look up OSS 117 Lost in Rio. It has a brilliant scene where OSS 117 and the bad guy get in a chase scene in the hospital with I.V. trees and they can barely walk.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Jim and Ann. Starting the fourth day and looking forward to rest on the seventh day.
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