Ghosts of Travel Past

September 25, 2015  •  16 Comments


While I was looking for some archived images, I came across photos I had done of the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX when we stayed there for a Biblical Archeology Conference in 2004.

We were busy the whole time we were there, and I realized I hadn't taken a photo of the outside of the hotel when we were checking out, so I ran outside, stood in the rain, and took a couple of photos of the front of the hotel. I made adjustments to the exposure from one shot to the next (I was using a high end point-and-shoot camera with a manual mode at that time), so there was a minute between shots.

When I downloaded the photos I noticed that there was a person in the far right window in one photo but not the other, but I hadn't noticed a person in the window when I was taking the photos. As I looked at what looks like a woman in an old fashion dress in the window, I noticed that she is completely out of scale to the window. She could be a child, but to me she looks like a mature woman.

I've always wondered if I captured an image of a ghost. My camera was only 5 megapixels, so the image is not good enough to zoom-in and get a clear image of the woman at 300% to 400%, especially since the lens was wide open at ƒ/1.8.  So in keeping with the standards for "ghost photos", mine are quite fuzzy zoomed-in. 

Legend has the the Menger Hotel is haunted, and the hotel had stories about ghosts in its bedside literature.











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Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
Wow really interesting! It does make you wonder because based on what shows up in the picture, you would have noticed that person while taking the shots. hmmmm
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Thanks, Julie!
Gosh, sure does make you wonder.
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Great story, Lavinia! The cats can see our ghosts, which we cant, but we can sometimes hear them and have smelled them at times.
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