Frolicking with the Frogs

July 05, 2015  •  16 Comments

While walking along the ditches last night, I saw lots of bullfrogs. When there isn't dried foliage on the edge of the banks to sound my approach, I can sneak up and get fairly close to the frogs, and get a few shots before they hop into the water. While the bullfrogs look very much alike (they are bullfrogs, after all) they display unique patterns in their markings, and different shades of green.






I got this frog when I started my walk. He's in the last photo taken 40 minutes later shootin' the bull with the another frog.




The frog on the left is in the 7th photo above; here he's Shootin' the bull with another frog.



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Thanks, Julie! Thought you would especially enjoy these frogs!
Oh I love frogs! You know that. And how happy do these guys look? The colours are beautiful too .. What splendid markings. Thank you!
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Thanks, Couriers!
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Thanks, Herman!
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Hi Lavinia! We don't see many toads like we used to, and I haven't seen a leopard frog in years, but we have plenty of bullfrogs.
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