Cat's got your tongue Tuesday

July 06, 2015  •  18 Comments

Sasha: "BANZAI!!! AAAaaahhhh!"


Spunk: "Wha... What was that?" Sasha: "Hahahahaha! Sucker!"


Spunk: "Okay! Where is that sneaky little kamikaze kitten?" 


Spunk: "There you are you little cat fink!" Sasha: "??????"


Spunk: "Gotcha!" Sasha: "Umph!"


Spunk: "Take that you sneaky little kamikaze kat" 


Spunk: "Bonsai me will you? Ha!"




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Thanks, Julie!
Hilarious! Oh I love watching cats play .. magic stuff. And the way they strut about acting as though nothing is going on!
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Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
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Thanks, Tom!
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Thanks, Couriers!
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