Plugging Gopher Holes in the Moonlight

April 30, 2015  •  14 Comments


Plugging [gopher] holes in the moonlight
It’s a supernatural delight
Chupacabra’s a bit uptight
La Llorona's out of sight

Plugging [gopher] holes in the moonlight
The skunk’s shakin’ for the flashlight
Coyotes howling with all their might
Bubbling water gives a fight

Plugging [gopher] holes in the moonlight
So much fun in the dark of night
The stars winking at the sight of me
Plugging [gopher] holes in the moonlight


I put down the main gate on the irrigation ditch at 7:00 pm, opened our gate at 8:00 pm and was out in the moonlight cleaning leaves out of the ditches and plugging gopher holes that were bubbling water up where I didn't want it at 9:00, 10:00 and 11:00 pm. I woke up a 2:45 am, went out and opened up a culvert to allow more water to flow to the roses and orchard, because the field with echinacea, brown eyed Susans, lilies and various grasses and wildflowers was watered. The skunk was out rooting around for grubs, so we had a nice talk while I walked around the edge of the field to see if everything had been water ed (he wouldn't hold still, so my photo of him was too blurry). At 4:30 am I went back out to check on the rose gardens and orchard, which are at the end of the watering. They were finally watered, so I went out and shut down our gate, lifted the main gate and grabbed a photo of the big dipper on my way back inside.


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Thanks, Julie!
Wow! Great shots ... love the reflection. Aren't you good watering your garden is the early hours! Well done ... :)
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Thanks, Teri!
Teri Dashfield(non-registered)
The reflections in the ditch is great!
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Hi Susan! With issues with the main ditch and trying to get back on the correct irrigation schedule, we had gone 3 weeks without irrigating. Otherwise, it's only once every two weeks.
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