Monday Bloody Monday

April 06, 2015  •  27 Comments

There was a full, "blood moon", eclipse early Saturday morning. The eclipse started at 4:15 am MST and the moon set at 6:53 am long before the eclipse was over. The moon would have been too low for me to see the full eclipse from our house in the valley, so I dove far up into Rio Rancho where I had little light pollution and a full view of the horizon. When I got out of the car and and set up my cameras on the tripods, there was a cold wind blowing lightly. I took my first photo at 4:48 am, and as the eclipse progressed, so did the wind, which shook the cameras enough that I was not able to do long exposures. There was also a thin layer of clouds above the horizon that the moon was setting behind, plus the wind picked up enough to start kicking up dust. Thus, the weather conditions made it impossible for me to get clear shots after 5:20 am. By 6:25 am, when I took the last photo, the wind was strong and steady, very cold and I was freezing. I could see the moon was getting more obscured by the dust and clouds on the horizon, so I packed up and headed home.

Today's photo is the progress through the full eclipse approximately every 12 minutes from the first photo taken at 4:48 am to the last photo taken at 6:25 am. The third to the last moon was taken at 6:02 am, which was the full eclipse, and as blood red as the moon got. 


Yes, that does sound uncomfortable to say the least. But great work especially considering the wind. Hugs.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Janna! It was worth it.
I really like this progression! I was too lazy to wake up and see it myself.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Douglas!
douglas moorezart(non-registered)
Wow these are impressive! I'm embarrassed to share my shots now! lol!
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