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Lola is like Godzilla compared to petite Najar. No wonder Najar peeks timidly over the edge of the counter as Lola/Catzilla tears up a piece of paper. Lola used to be a lot more petite, as you can see in the photos of her from 2011.

While Lola used to be much slimmer, she still had that Catzilla side to her personality.


Lola loves lying on my computer. I'm not sure how she got the "Kitty Prints" blog open.


Lola helped me clean up our outdoor kitchen after the raccoons ransacked it in 2011.


Lola likes to rub on us, roll around near us and paw at us to get our attention. She picked up a "sticky note" before settling into a cute pose.


T & L Photos
Thanks, Janna! Najar was pretty weary.
Lola is beautiful! I did have to laugh at Najar peeking up at her in that first photo :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Nancy!
Too cute!!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie! I sure will!
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