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Spunk was playing on the counter chair for the camera to work of some of his kitty debt. The depth-of-field is very narrow at ƒ/1.4, so Spunk moves out of the focal plain very quickly moving from one spot to the next. He had come in from the catio where the early morning temperature was 25ºF. His paw was so cold his tongue stuck to it. After a bout of wild activity he decided to sit like a Sphinx and take a breather.


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Hi Susan! He is always looking to get into trouble. He dumped over a pitcher of water this evening.
Susan Brandt Graham Photography
I like the results of Spunk's working off his kitty debt!! (However, he looks like he could launch himself into more destructiveness at any time! ;-) )
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Thanks, Leyla!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Herman!
awww so cute <3
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