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December 30, 2015  •  18 Comments

Cranes playing in the orchard


As 2015 closes, so does Photo of the Day, Etc. as it’s been done for the past 2000 consecutive days. With the start of 2016, I’m not going to necessarily do a blog a day, but then I’m not going to limit myself to only one post per day either. After I moved the photo blog for WordPress to T and L Photos in February, I’ve been generally posting a link to my daily photo blogs on WordPress. The main reason I moved the photo blog from WordPress is that I didn’t like the changes they made for creating new blog posts. I already had to spend a lot of time reducing photos and putting my name on them to minimize what people who were copying photos from my posts could do with them — but then the changes WordPress made to creating posts made it even more difficult to work with photos. My T & L Photos site works well for the photo blog because it’s easy to post photos and the security is really good so people can no longer copy photos off my blog.

I am going to continue to use T & L Photos for my photo blog, but I am going to start using WordPress more for written content that does not have images or is not based on images. While searching through archives for images and content to go with first the “Tales From My Youth…” and most recently the last 25 posts of 2015, I found letters I’d written and my journals from when we lived in Spain, images from when we studied and performed flamenco, artwork and photos from when I was a student in the Art Department, etc. All of this is good blog material, but the photo a day, blog post a day had become too restrictive and inflexible for all the material I’ve been finding, the things I’ve been thinking about doing, and the projects I want to work on. So between the two blogging platforms, I’ll be taking a new approach to art, photography and writing in 2016.


T & L Photos
Thanks, Miz Shaaz!
Wow amazing! This is more like art than a photo.. The new year always brings new perspective and change, love your idea of tying the two blogs together. Happy 2016!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Tiny! Happy New Year!
It sounds you are working with very rich material. I can't wait to see some flamingo pictures in the coming year. Happy 2016!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
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