The Commute

September 05, 2018  •  8 Comments


I usually go home by a different route, but with Labor Day officially closing the summer holidays, the public schools and universities back in session and everyone back to work, the streets are mess with traffic jams from crashes, road construction, and railroad crossings. 


Wait a minute, that looks like the last train car, but it's going the wrong direction.


Everything starts to fade.


Might as well put your feet up and take a nap.


For those who feel like they can't take it anymore, Esther Davis and Domino's have teamed up to offer pizza and psychiatric care.



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Thanks, Lavinia!
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
I love the last photo. Nice catch!
T & L Photos
Hi Michelle. It's always annoying.
Stop and go traffic has a new meaning. I love the black and white with red lights
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine.
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