Whoo's There?

August 07, 2018  •  8 Comments

"Who who whoo goes there?"


"Hey New Owl it's me!"     "Whoo are you? I don't believe I know you."


"Oh New Owl. Don't you remember me?"        "Hmmph! I can't say I've seen you before!"


"Oh come on! You know. The pesky paparazzo."        "Did you say paparazzo? The pesky guy with the long white beak who clicks a lot?"


"That's Meee!"     "Oh! Pesky Paparazzo. Is that really you? Where have you been?"


"I've been to Paris to visit the Louvre..."       "It's about time you came back. It's been pretty boring around the bosque."


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Thanks, Herman. I'm sure New Owl would like Seinfeld.
Love the conversation... Sounds almost like a Seinfeld episode!
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Thanks, Susan. I have not read it. I'll look it up.
Susan Hunter(non-registered)
Very funny series! Have you read Bernd Heinrich's book "One Man's Owl"? It is very enlightening. He is a great author.
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Thanks, Susan!
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