Gargoyle in a Bubble

July 18, 2018  •  10 Comments



After the conference let out yesterday afternoon, we stopped by a boulangerie patisserie and got a bocadillo, quiche and chocolate cake to go, and took our dinner to the park behind Notre Dame. While we ate our dinner, we watched rats run between our feet to get to the garden, and got buzzed by large wood pigeons trying to decide which trees they wanted to roost in for the night. Laurie was trying to go over her paper she presented today, but then we got ran out of the park at 9:15 pm by the security guard closing the park. On the way to the west side of Notre Dame, I got a photo of the sunset with Notre Dame before we walked up to the front of the Cathedral where Laurie finished going over her paper, and I photographed the various happenings.


The rats are fast, so I couldn't get a shot of them running to the garden. This one paused for a moment, which allowed me to get a photo before it scurried off under the cover of garden plants.


Wood Pigeons goose stepping



Love hurts. Love locks.


Dinner on the Seine.





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Hi Lavina. Some guy was making giant bubbles on the plaza.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
I love the variety of photos, Tim! The last one with the bubble floating by is great! Did you or Laurie send the bubble aloft?
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Thanks, Imelda!
love the last shot best. :-)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
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