The Irresistible Cuteness of Owls

June 18, 2018  •  17 Comments

Sister Owl and New 3rd Owlet who we had not seen before.


We walked north to where the New Owl Family hangs out at 7:30 pm yesterday, about an forty-five minutes earlier than usual, with Susan and Tristan to see if the owls were out. New Owl, Sister Owl, New Mama Owl, and another juvenile we had not seen with the New Owl family were all out, and being irresistibly cute. After New Owl and Sister Owl flew further into the bosque, Tristan I walked down to where they had been perched and found "owl pellets" (owl barf of regurgitated bones, fur, skin and such they can't digest) on the ground and collected three or four pellets to analyze (owl barf will be a later post). The three owls sat up in the cottonwood watching us examine their pellets and looked at us like we were crazy. After that I was photographing them in the tree, and they kept turning their heads around, looking different directions. Tristan and Susan thought it was funny to hear me telling the owls to turn around and look at me so I could see their faces.


Sister Owl looking cool on the end of her perch.


New Owl giving me a back sided "Go ahead. Make my day!" look.


"What are those two doing down there? Is that our barf they are playing with? Ew that's really gross!"


Sister Owl, New 3rd Owlet and New Owl perched above.


New Owl watching Sister Owl walk up the trunk of the tree to where New 3rd Owlet is before he flew up to the branch above them.


New 3rd Owlet


New Mama Owl


New Mama Owl loves to model.


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Hi Lavinia. I can imagine.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
I learned a lot there at that summer camp. Many good memories. I worked there as a volunteer later on when I was a teenager.
T & L Photos
Hi Ms Shaaz. They do seem to be getting used to the pesky paparazzo.
Awwww how lovely! They are so cute indeed! Look how perfectly they posed for you wow. They were probably like everyone get ready look it's paparazzo coming, quick, pose.
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Thanks, Christine!
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