The Blue Wasp

June 20, 2018  •  6 Comments

Blue Wasp: "Here's a promising hole."


If you are old enough, you might remember "The Green Hornet" TV series from the late 1960's — Bruce Lee played Kato. We have the Blue Wasp, who was out on the levee the other night looking in holes for spiders she could turn into zombies and lay her eggs on. After the eggs hatch, the larvae eat the spider while they mature.


Blue Wasp: "Hey! Any spiders down there?"  Spiders: "There are no spiders around these parts!"


I think the spiders were lying Ms. Blue Wasp.



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Hi Lavinia. The mud dauber wasps like to get spiders, also.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
She is a beauty!

I cleaned out our shed a few years ago and pulled some old cardboard sheets out of the rafters for recycling. A number of wasp mud nests were attached. When one came off, I saw the chamber filled with dead spiders. They seem to be a favorite food.
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Hi Me. Shaaz. We don't see a lot of blue wasps around.
So cool!! I never knew a blue wasp existed. But then again I usually run the opposite direction when I see a sign of wasps lol.
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That blue certainly would, Thanks, Susan!
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