New Owl

June 06, 2018  •  9 Comments


After checking on Big Owl, Little Owl, and Fat Owl, who were all in different spots, in different trees from the tree they were born in, I ran into New Owl, another juvenile owl, about a mile north of BO, LO and FO. Even though it was getting dark, I got some decent shots of New Owl sitting in a tree and flying across the ditch.






I do believe I have owl envy! How fantastic to see and take photos of these amazing birds. Cheers Tim
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia!
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
The owls are adorable. I am enjoying watching them all grow up and become adult owls.
T & L Photos
Hi Couriers. The bosque is a perfect habitat for the owls.
T & L Photos
The cats still have plenty of mice to play with, as they often bring them into the house. Thanks, Harry!
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