Blue Grosbeak at 3200

June 30, 2018  •  6 Comments


Images of Blue Grosbeaks after sunset. The raw files are cropped, but not processed, leaving the grain. The photos are shot at various distances at 200mm, 1/160 to 1/200 of a second at ƒ/4, ISO 3200, and cropped 200% to 300%.



We night herons glow in the dark.




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Thanks, Lavinia! We haven't been seeing raccoons this year. We've seen few skunks, but mostly squirrels, rabbits, beaver, muskrats and an occasional porcupine.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Leaving the grain in makes for an interesting image. My favorite is #2. I like the night heron too. You have quite a variety of wildlife in your area. I'm seeing few skunks these days, but more raccoons.
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Thanks, Harry!
I found how it sounds like
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Thanks, Susan.
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