Beaver in Jetties on Bank

June 14, 2018  •  10 Comments

Smokey air under stormy skies


You can see an animated GIF of the beaver on the bank at


Beaver in the jetties.


Beaver cutting willows.


Taking willows down the bank.






Swimming off with willows.


Under cover of jetties,


Smokey sunset under stormy skies.


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Thanks, Couriers.
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
busy busy beavers. Seems the beavers over here don't build dams, and they do a fantastic job of keeping the banks of rivers clean. Huge efforts to reintroduce them are bearing fruit.
You are ready to show your report at National Geographic tv channel :-)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan! We have to enjoy them while we can. Now that they closed to Sandias, there will be pressure to close the bosque.
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