Beauty & The Barf

June 23, 2018  •  13 Comments




Spunk in grass by the Beta Rose. Photo by Laurie.


"¡Hola pesky Paparazzo! ¿Qué pasa?"


"Excusez-moi, je dois aller faire une pelote de régurgitation."


"That looks like a good place to puke down there."


"Anyone besides that pesky paparazzo looking?"


"Working it up..."


"Ack ack ack ack ack... AAaack!"


"Wow! That was a bony one."


Owl pellet (barf) with lots of bones.


By the size of some of the bones, rabbits and skunks were most likely part of the meals.



Bones, hair and whatever else the owls can't digest.


Special for you today — A variety pack of four owl pellets.


"Hmmm! What should I have for dinner?"


"Whoa! That's a really beautiful moon peeking through the clouds. Did you get of photo of it pesky paparazzo?"



"Looks like dinner foraging in the leaves ahead."


"¡Hasta la vista! Au revoir! Pesky paparazzo."



" They will take cats and small dogs as well" .... then they are large indeed ;-)
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Thanks, Lavinia!
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
WOW! What a series of photos, Tim and Laurie! The owls have been busy!
T & L Photos
Hi Angela. Our cats are very competitive with hairballs and kitty barf.
T & L Photos
Hi Christine. Happy you learned something.
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