We Got a Little Rain Today

May 21, 2018  •  10 Comments


After months of zero precipitation, we got a little rain today. An afternoon thunderstorm pelted us with large drops of heavy rain and a little bit of hail for about 30 minutes around 2:00 pm. I heard on the radio that emergency crews were involved in a swift water rescue in the large drainage channel that separates the east and west bound lanes on I-40. According to one website, one person was killed and five others rescued from swift water in flooding arroyos around the metro area this afternoon. I checked the rain gage first thing when I got home and we received 0.18 inch of rain at our house. The National Weather Service website is reporting 0.17 inch of rain for Albuquerque.







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Hi Julie. We could use some of your rain.
Hey Tim, oh dear, we always get more than our fair share.
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Hi Cindy. In much of the western and southwestern US draught is more of the norm than the exception, but it's hard to deal with draught.
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Thanks, Harry!
cindy knoke(non-registered)
in so cal, this would be a huge amount of rain. it has been dark with clouds here with no rain. this is what i have learned to expect, now, watching every plant i grew up with, die around me, from draught. it could be progress. maybe. better worlds will arise. still it makes me very sad.
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