Two Doors Down...

May 16, 2018  •  10 Comments

Two owlets looking at us gawking at them.


Two doors down the owls have owlets that are cute and having a party poking their heads up above the edge of the hollow in the cottonwood, bobbing their heads from side to side, and hissing at the dog in the yard that was barking at us. The light was low as the sun had set behind the owlets, and the canopy of the cottonwoods cut the light down even more. The camera was having a hard time focusing on the owlets as autofocus was going for the cottonwood, so I had to use manual focus in the low light.  Mama owl landed in a cottonwood tree across the ditch from the owlets. Since she was facing west, there was enough light on her to get a good exposure.


This shot looks like there might be three owlets.


Mama owl


The blurry owlet is bobbing from side to side.


Another shot that looks like a third owl on the left.


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Thanks, Julie!
How fabulous Tim! Aren’t they beautiful. And I can imagine him bobbing side to side ... It does look like there might be three in the nest and what a nest it is too! Mum sure is a looker :D
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Thanks, Lavinia. They are our nightly entertainment for the next week or two.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
The owls are adorable, Tim! These are very beautiful shots, and I also look forward to seeing more of this little family of owls.
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Thanks, Christine!
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