Smoky Sun Cloudy Moon

May 26, 2018  •  10 Comments

Sun cutting through a smoky sky


Smoke from a fire in the Gila National Forest southwest of Albuquerque blew north today filling the air with a blue/gray haze under overcast skies. As the clouds started breaking up in the late afternoon, the sun looked like a sharp yellow disk painted on an orange background as it cut through the smoky atmosphere hanging above the horizon. The moon rose through smoky skies under mottled clouds, a combination that created ever changing shapes like shadow mimes playing the heavens.




Mouse with a duck behind



16:39 — Little Owl still in the hole giving me a heads up.


16:41 — Little Owl still in the hole giving me a profile.


20:36 — Under the light of my flashlight, we can see that either Little Owl finally got out of the hole or a fuzzy, out of focus, little Yeti (Yetis are never in focus) is standing by Little Owl's hole.



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Thanks, Julie.
Oh dear im sorry to hear about the fires Tim .. but that newsflash is fabulous! That fuzz ball is finally out of that hole!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine. Smoke from fires makes the sun easier to photograph, but the smoke is no fun to have hanging around. The owlets are adorable.
Christine E. Robinson(non-registered)
Omg...that little owl is adorable! So glad to see more of him. The sun and moon photos are eerily beautiful. Fires are not! Christine
T & L Photos
Thanks, Couriers!
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