Owl Update

May 29, 2018  •  18 Comments


A Sense of Scale

Big Owl (on the left behind leaves), Fat Owl and Mama Owl together in the late afternoon.


Five eyed mad dogs for the paparazzo.


Big Owl: "Stupid Paparazzo!" Fat owl: "There goes mama." (little owl was still in the hole)


Little Owl Goes Solo

Little Owl finally got out of the hole, and while the other two were off exploring nearby cottonwoods, Little Owl was entertaining himself on the branch above the hole.











Mama Owl Goes Solo

Last night Mama Owl was watching Little Owl from a low branch on a cottonwood on the east side of the irrigation ditch. We were between her and Little Owl, and she gave us a little show.






Owlets in Different Trees

Last night, Big Owl was in a cottonwood south of the tree they grew up in. Little Owl was in the original tree where Mama Owl could see him. It turns out Fat Owl was in the tree with Little Owl, but he was so covered up by the leaves and branches, I could not get a photo of him.

A new tree


Big Owl backlit in the new tree.


Little Owl


T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie. The owls are our nightly entertainment.
Oh wow these are fabulous! How much fun did you have watching the owl family? I know how much I enjoyed looking at the photos ...
T & L Photos
Thanks, Lavinia!
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
I love this series of owl photos, Tim! Mama owl did give you a good show! I agree they are very expressive.
T & L Photos
Hi Di Anne. I'm happy you got to see them. We've had so much fun watching them, since they started pocking their heads out of the hole in the tree a few weeks ago.
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