Spunk's Turn

April 07, 2018  •  14 Comments


Spunk is the last of the kitties to have a post this week. He got in Laurie's bag this morning when she was on her way to an open house at school. Later, we made the rounds of the property to do a photo shoot of Spunk in the wild.









Spunk had to take a nap after the photo session.


Still a little sleepy, he managed to get to the rail on the deck on his way back inside.




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Thanks, Julie!
There is something special about Spunk.handsome kitty with attitude :D
T & L Photos
WP can be so maddening.
Sooo frustrating.... Thanks so much for letting me know... I changed my settings in the discussion so hopefully that fixes the login issue. If not then I would have to start a whole ticket in the forum and I still have to look in to why my posts are not showing up..
T & L Photos
Hi Ms Shaaz. Spunk has a way about him. Your latest post did not show up in my reader, but I got an email notification. I tried to comment, but WP wanted me to log in, but it won't accept my user name and password. WP has done that to me before on your site. WP drives me crazy. Great look and photos in your latest post.
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