Road to Hoover Dam

April 16, 2018  •  12 Comments

We drove to Boulder City, NV from Corrales on Wednesday, November 11 on our way to Las Vegas for the joint MAP/RMMRA conference. The wind howled at 50 mph or more all the way. Whenever we stopped to take a break or get gas, the wind was so strong that I didn't bother to photograph anything. On U.S. Highway 93 to Hoover Dam, I got this photo of the many taillights in front of us getting blown about by the strong winds. After we got to the hotel at Boulder City, the wind blew at the same intensity all night. Because the wind was so strong, the woman who checked us in said she was putting everyone in an area of the hotel most protected from the wind. The room was very nice, with a great view. After we got settled in, Laurie looked at the terms on the door and asked "How much are we paying for this room?" I told her I got an Internet special that was $80 for the night. The terms on the door said the room was $500 a night. $500 would be excessive. I think they put $500 a night on the terms as a maximum, and to make you think you are getting a really super deal.


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Thanks, Julie!
The wind has been blowing a bit here today too! Gosh I would never have thought they were tail lights. Good to know you got to your destination
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Thanks, Lavinia! It was really windy hear yesterday, plus it's very dry.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Good to hear you got to Boulder City safely. That is a good strong wind you drove through! It was a windy day of passing storms up here, although the sun did manage to make more of an appearance than yesterday.
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Hi Harry. We did not have time to do the dam tour. We've toured the dam before and been through the inside of the dam.
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