Seven Minutes on the Seventeenth

March 18, 2018  •  12 Comments

On the beach at 7:13:19 pm, 03/17/2018. A sliver of dusty pink on the Sandias as the sun started slipping behind the horizon.


Wild clouds in pink and gray danced and swirled to the north at 7:14:23 pm.


Western skies at sunset. 7:15:05 pm.


I made my way through the bosque to the levee to see what colors were on the horizon. I discovered mostly blue/gray skies and a Great Blue Heron perched on top of a cottonwood when I got to the top of the levee at 7:19:19 pm.


As I walked south toward the heron, the sky changed to a kaleidoscope of clouds colored in pastel shades of pink and blue, purple and red, orange and gray behind the cottonwoods from my new perspective at 7:19:44 pm.


The heron directly west of me. 7:20:01 pm.


Now that I was closer to the heron, he started to shift his position. 7:20:14 pm.


The heron straightened up and took a quick look around. 7:20:17 pm.


"!Hasta la vista!" The heron flew north as pinks faded to blues, blues faded to gray. 7:20:23 pm.


As I looked at the thumbnails of this series of photos, the timestamps stood out. While I was in the middle of photographing the changing skies and fleeting light on the river, in the bosque, and on the levee at sunset, seven minutes was like an eternity in an instant as the drama unfolded before my lens. 



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Thanks, Julie!
I almost don’t know what to say. Almost. Beautiful, stunning, delightful ... aren’t we lucky! Nature is the best. And you my friend are an amazing photographer .. thanks so much for sharing
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Thanks, Imelda!
Awesome shots.
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Thanks, Couriers.
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