Macro Madness

March 11, 2018  •  12 Comments


Early blooming tulips are coming up and our five-on-one plum tree bloomed yesterday. We had sunshine and 72º F (22.2º C) yesterday, but today we've had cloud cover all day, temperatures barely reaching 45º F (7.2º C), and a cold drizzling rain that started in the afternoon that has persisted into the evening hours. So far we have received only 6/100 of an inch of precipitation from the hours long drizzle.







T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Adore your macros Tim .. the last is special. Looks like a bashful tulip :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Gary!
T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
Gary Lum(non-registered)
I love a bit of macro
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