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crow wave picture


From the Off Center & Not Even Ministry of Made-up & Silly Physics, a crow-magnon is a quasi-crow-particle of collective crow excitation forming the crow's electron spin into a crystal crow lattice. Often found in a disturbed state, the equivalent crow wave picture gives us a quantum crow mechanics from which a crow-magnon can be viewed as a quantized crow spin wave. Crow-magnons carry varied amounts of crow energy that result in crow lattice momentum, which often turn into spin-1 crow, indicating they obey no rules and usually result in silly crow behavior.


collective crow excitation


crystal crow lattice


quantum crow mechanics


spin-1 crow




quantized crow spin wave


crow lattice momentum


crow's electron spin


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Thanks, Julie!
Ha ha .. love the crow antics! Wonderful images btw .. as always
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Windying would be more like it. Thanks, Susan!
Susan Hunter(non-registered)
Is that crow vaping?
This is a really funny post!
T & L Photos
Hi Couriers. These crows were flying against 40 mph headwinds.
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