Chasing Butterflies

March 14, 2018  •  20 Comments

Spunk sees something dark fluttering around in the distance.


After cleaning the grasses I chopped, and digging the gopher mounds out of the irrigation ditches, I walked by the blooming plum tree and noticed a couple of butterflies. It didn't take long for the kitties to become interested in me photographing the plum tree. Spunk, Marble and Loki gathered around, and it took only a moment for both Spunk and Marble to see the butterflies and start climbing the tree trying to get them. Loki was not interested in silly butterflies. At first the butterflies flew off, but since the plum is the only tree in bloom they were soon back, ignoring the cats. I think even their little insect brains figured out that the kitties couldn't get to them, and the stupid paparazzo was obviously no threat. So I snapped away, Spunk and Marble climbed around in the branches trying to get to the butterflies, while the butterflies flew from one blossom to the next as if the three of us didn't exist.


"Hmmm! How can I get to those two?"



"Oh! Oh! Oh! They are sooo close."


The butterflies stayed out on the ends of the branches with the cats prowling in the tree, which made it easier for me to photograph them. There were also a few bees working the blossoms, as well.






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Thanks, Julie!
I just love these Tim ... butterflies, blossoms and gorgeous cats (up to no good) :D Wonderful!!
T & L Photos
Thanks, David. It's like go after anything that moves mode.
In hunting mode ... :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Couriers!
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