Waiting for Koйot

September 13, 2017  •  12 Comments


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Thanks, Susan!
Susan Hunter(non-registered)
The artist is Allan Houser. I really like his work: very strong!
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Hi Tristan. In the Russian pronunciation, the t is almost silent so it sounds like "koyo" with a hint of a t on the end according to Google Translate. So it was as close as I could get to Godot but mean coyote. With Pueblo folklore and human trafficking and all, I thought "waiting for coyote" would be a fitting title, but I wanted something close to Godot for coyote, which Russian provided. The Spanish would have been good too, but probably not appropriate, since there are a lot of Spanish speakers around.
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Thanks, Susan. I don't know who who the artist is.
I read the russian in spanish at first... 0.o
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