Smoking Up The Skies

September 05, 2017  •  16 Comments

Sunset on Sunday, September 3rd. The smoke is adding color but there was not a thick haze.


We are now getting a lot of smoke from the fires in various states northwest and west of New Mexico. The smoke really plays havoc with our sinuses and makes our eyes burn, but it does create beautiful colors for sunsets and moonrises.


What smoke there was, lit the sky behind the clouds on fire.


Tonight the smoke rolled in thick enough for the sun to be viewed as a perfect circle.


Wider-angle shows the gray smoke under otherwise clear skies.




An owl was on top of a dead tree along the river complaining to no end about the smoke.


Orange moonrise from behind the Sandias.


The owl was still complaining as dusk turned to dark.


The smoke turns the almost full moon a soft orange.


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Thanks, Julie!
Wow Tim .. super shots! Sorry to hear that it is smoke .. we all know what that means. Poor owl .. hooting his displeasure
T & L Photos
Thanks, Imelda!
Stunning shots!
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! The beauty is a consolation prize for having to deal with the smoke.
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