September 10, 2017  •  10 Comments

Interesting treatment of concreting an irrigation ditch around a cottonwood tree.


The irrigation ditch, bosque and Rio Grande about 8 miles south of us.


Jetti jax all lined up


Bag-O-caterpillers hanging in a cottonwood


Mangled jettis and a cottonwood


View of the Rio Grande with the Sandias in the background 8 miles south of the views I usually post.



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Thanks, Julie. Caterpillars can devour trees.
Great shots TIM ..that's amazing that they left the tree. Good! And those caterpillars, remind me of our walk in France and being covered in pillars that were hanging from the trees, which by the way, they devoured.
Teagan R Geneviene(non-registered)
Tim, after a real Monday of a Monday, that river view looks wonderfully peaceful.
Yes, an interesting concrete treatment. So glad they didn't cut down the tree -- that's a gorgeous one.
Have a great week. Hugs.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Beautiful photos, Tim! I really love that last shot of the Rio Grandee and Sandias.

Are those Gypsy Moth caterpillars?
T & L Photos
Hi Lyn. It's because they often turn a watermelon red at sunset. I have lots of posts with photos with the Sandias in various shades of pink and red on this blog.
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