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How to Move a Buffalo

September 23, 2017  •  6 Comments

Ralphie, CU Boulder's mascot


The year two-thousand seventeen marks the 50th Anniversary of having Ralphie the buffalo as CU Boulder's mascot.  The current Ralphie is a rather calm female who patiently stands in her portable corral surrounded by buff herders who don't let anyone get too close. When it's time to move Ralphie to her trailer, 15 rather buff, buff herders surround the corral, pick it up about a foot of the ground, and walk Ralphie to her trailer. Four cheerleaders lead the way, followed by the head buff herder clearing people out of the way as the herders, corral and Ralphie moved along the sidewalk. When they got to the trailer, the buff herders backed the corral to the ramp and quickly herded Ralphie into the trailer. Ralphie seemed more than happy to go into the trailer as she went in really quickly — I missed the action as she was in the trailer and the door was closed before I could get through the crowd that had surrounded the corral to watch the action. After she was loaded, the buff herders secured the corral on the side of the trailer, all the buff herders climbed onto the sides and top of the trailer or got into the truck, and the truck slowly pulled Ralphie away in her trailer to the stadium where she would perform at half time.


Ralphie hanging out in her portable corral


Cheerleaders lead the way


Head buff herder clears the way


Buff herders on parade


Walk this way


On the backside of the buffs


Recording Ralphie being loaded on the trailer


Getting ready to run off with Ralphie


securing the last section of the corral on the trailer


Head 'em out boys!


Ralphie on the run to the stadium for the half time show


Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! My experience with buffalo is that they are really mean and aggressive. But then there are people who ride them, and Ralphie is calm, so they can be tamed.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
They are amazing photos. Ralphie must be a very calm buffalo. I know people in my area who raise buffalo. They are not this sedate.
Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Thanks, Harry!
I agree with Suzan, it is amazing :-)
Off Center & Not Even @ T & L Photos
Thanks, Susan. I've only been to CU Boulder the one time.
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