Of Cows & Coyotes

August 27, 2017  •  14 Comments

Three coyotes on the ditch bank watching the paparazzo approach.


One steps down, the others look around. Two coyotes left on the ditch bank watching the paparazzo approach.


One steps down, the other looks around. One coyote left on the ditch bank watching the paparazzo approach.


Sunset happens


Standoff between eight cows and the paparazzo in the twilight.


Going into cow-warp speed to catch the herd in the twilight.


Comes out of cow-warp speed to face down the paparazzo in the twilight.


The cow and the paparazzo enjoy a gaggle of geese flying overhead in the twilight.



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Hi Julie. I think the cows would charge the coyotes.
The paparazzi were having a good day with their camera! Love the shot of the cows .. I guess they aren't so keen on the coyotes
T & L Photos
Thanks, Ann. They seemed family-like.
Ann Mogford(non-registered)
What a wonderful group of animals...Three coyotes.....I've always seen one at a time...I wonder if they are young coyotes....the animals seem to like having their picture taken.
T & L Photos
Happy you enjoyed the humor, Juanita. Thanks for stopping by.
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