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We have a fountain, bowls of water, plus we often leave a bathroom faucet dripping so the cats can get a variety of water sources. Yet, in their infinite kitty creativity, they found yet another preferred water source — old distilled water jugs filled with tap water, in which they go "jugging", sticking their tongues in the neck of the jug to get a drink.

We run hot or cold water from the kitchen faucet into the jugs while we wait for the temperature to change. Then we use the jugs of water to fill the kitty fountain and water the plants. The kitties especially like the jugs as a water source, because they lap the water down below the neck of the jug fairly quickly to where their tongues won't reach the water. Then they give us sad eyes and start sticking their paws into the jug, getting them wet and licking the water off their paws until we top off the jug. 

It's a sad show, and if we don't top off the jug so they can lick the water again, the eventually get their paws stuck and dump the full jug of water over. Then they proudly watch as the water glugs out of the jug all over the floor or table. Jugging is just another way of controlling us and forcing us to give them even more attention.

Sasha is especially cute when she goes a jugging.






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Thanks, Julie!
Wonderful pics Tim .. Sasha is gorgeous! Too cute to be naughty .. lol
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! Don't let your kitties see this or they will want to start jugging. We had so many fires in 2011, that the sun was an orange disc in a cloudless sky. It's been a little cooler here lately.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Those are beautiful photos, Tim! Sasha is a cute cat.. I've never seen our cats jugging, but I've never given them the opportunity. They will drink out of my water cup though, if I leave it about without a lid on it.

102 here yesterday, but it only cooled down to 58 last night. The haze from forest fires is filtering the sun enough to cool it a few degrees. The growing moon has an orange cast to it because of the smoky haze.
T & L Photos
Hi Teagan. Our kitties are very persistent to get into whatever we have water in. We keep little saucers on top of our cups, keep the lids on our bottled water, and use insulated tumblers with lids to keep the cats out of our personal water.
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