Here We Go Again

August 20, 2017  •  18 Comments


The world is coming to an end again because there will be a total solar eclipse tomorrow. Albuquerque is not in the path for us to see the total eclipse, so we will only get to see 78% of the sun covered by the moon if we see it at all. The sun went into hiding today behind a thick layer of clouds. The forecast for tomorrow morning is mostly cloudy, so there is a chance the sun will still be in hiding for the eclipse. However, weather forecasts are often meaningless around these parts, so I'll have my solar filters on hand incase the sun comes out for the occasion.






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Hi Julie. Speeding tickets happen when you are trying to beat the end of the world.
Wow Tim these are amazing .. show off sunset! Laughed when I read that Herman got a speeding ticket :D
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Hi David! We did survive the latest apocalypse.
Since I didn't hear anything about ABQ on the news, I've supposed that all of you survived the eclipse. I found out this afternoon that COS will in the zone of totality the next time a big coast-to-coast eclipse comes our way on Aug 12 2045. The period of totality is projected to last 5 minutes. NASA has projected paths of solar eclipses, annular and total, to at least 2050.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
We went up to Salem to an outdoor harp guitar concert. They had special glasses available for viewing the eclipse, which was an awe inspiring event. The music was beautiful, and we met a wonderful bunch of people.
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