In The Slammer

July 16, 2017  •  22 Comments



Lane's kitty, Tesla, is in the slammer.  Tesla has been on the blog before playing with balloons, and on his cat tree in bow ties, but that's when he was on his better behavior. Lane went to visit Tesla in the kitty Bastille and sent me these photos of poor Tesla behind bars. All the photos today were done by Lane.






T & L Photos
Thanks, Julie!
Beautiful pics of Tesla! That face is adorable ..
T & L Photos
Hi Suzette. I figured he's get out under the State's new "let em out if they can't afford to post bail" law. I would think that Tesla would fall under the category of a poor critter unable to afford bail.
Oh, that Tesla. No telling what he's up to this time. So true about the recidivism!

Some of his favorite occupations are LITERALLY bouncing off the walls and seeming to levitate up on top of a TALL bookshelf.
In this case, I believe he destroyed some top secret documents (disguised as a roll of paper towels) and tried to pin the rap on an innocent comrade.

(I believe he's out as part of prisoner exchange, by the way).
T & L Photos
Hi Lane. Kitty recidivism is high.
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