Floral Fireworks

July 03, 2017  •  14 Comments

Evel Boll Weevil the Assassin Bug invites you to a floral fireworks extravaganza. Enjoy the show.













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Thanks, Julie!
Loved the show Tim .. and I bet the bugs in your garden do too :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Christine. Funny how some peoples dogs and animals freak over fireworks. Doesn't seem to bother our cats at all. Same thing with the hot air balloons. They just sit out in the catio an watch them.
T & L Photos
Hi Lavinia! We are on the same page. I was thinking of the same song when I wrote "enjoy the show".
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Lovely lasting fireworks display, Tim. No noise and pollution. No dogs hiding under beds! Creative as always. Happy 4th. Christine
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