A Helping Hawk

July 08, 2017  •  15 Comments

Copper's Hawk: "Hey there! Whatcha doing?" Me: "I'm looking for my glasses that got knocked off my face cutting down elm trees."


Cooper's Hawk: "I have an eagle eye! Can I help?" Me: "I need all the help I can get. Thanks!"

Cooper's Hawk: "I don't see your glasses around here." Me "I wasn't over there when I lost them."


Cooper's Hawk: "Okay, I'll come down closer to where you are." Me: "That would be much better."


Cooper's Hawk: "I'm looking. By the way, what do glasses look like?"  Me: "Like the one's that I'm wearing. These are my spare pair."


Cooper's Hawk: "I see. I don't see anything that looks like your glasses right off the wing."


Cooper's Hawk: "Oh! Wait! is that them?" Me: "Do you see them?"


Cooper's Hawk: "Sorry. It wasn't them. I have to go find a mouse or bird for dinner. All that looking for your glasses made me hungry."


Cooper's Hawk: "¡Adios! Until next time. I hope you find your glasses." Me: "Thank's for the help Coop. Have a nice dinner on whatever you find."


Good morning Timothy,
your pictures and story are most creative! I very much hope that your health is improving.:) Very best regards Martina
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Hi Julie. I have not found my glasses. I think some troll in a parallel universe has taken them.
Hey Tim .. did you find your glasses? I lose mine all the time . What a handsome distraction ..wonderful pics :)
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Hi Couriers. I guess it was lucky in that I ended up with quality hawk time. But I still haven't found my glasses.
If your glasses got knocked off, must have been a lucky escape. How lovely for the hawk to keep you company.
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