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June 22, 2017  •  10 Comments

The latest scoop on happenings in Downtown Albuquerque.


It was another scorcher in the parking lot with temperatures reaching 107º F (41.7º C)


The buildings were warping in the intense heat. The area on Civic Plaza where the fountain was, is pretty well cleared out.


The Lutheran Women's Missionary League is having their convention in Albuquerque.


I ran into a Lutheran looking lady near the Convention Center and asked her if she was a Lutheran Woman. She said she was. I asked her if she was attending the Lutheran Women's Missionary League convention. She said she was. I asked her what they did at a Lutheran Woman's convention. She said they studied the bible, prayed, talked about missions, had speakers, and stuff like that. I told her I noticed she had Southern Illinois on her back, and asked her if she was from Illinois. She said yes she was from East St. Louis. I asked her how she liked the heat in Albuquerque. She said she didn't think Albuquerque was so hot. Hmmm?


A long lost relative (maybe?) has an installation that includes some blue kitties hanging in her Projects Gallery.


Biking and brewing — getting ready to take off from the parking lot of the Zendo Coffee | Art and Sidetrack Brewing parking lot.


A group of Lutheran looking ladies got a bunch of old guys to peddle them around downtown. Hallelujah!


Let the light shine down


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Thanks, Julie!
No can't do 41.5! Too hot for me .. Love the last shot Tim! Stay cool ..
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Hi Lavinia! I would think the chef was a little on the hot side.
Lavinia Ross(non-registered)
Another interesting slice of life from downtown Albuquerque, Tim! I like the scoop out in the middle of nowhere.

It is supposed to start getting into the 90s and 100s here today. I remember working a wine festival up in Portland some years back when it was 107 degrees. I felt sorry for the chef behind the grill on the plaza. It must have been really hot back in his work zone.
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Thanks, Couriers!
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