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The kitties heard that Hammocking was all the rage, and asked me if I could get them a hammock. I searched the property for various goods to repurpose and came up with a telephone pole for the kitties to climb to get on the shelf. Then I found an old melamine cabinet door, and an old bicycle tire for the shelf. The kitties had been lying around on an empty beanbag that had 20 pounds of Anasazi pinto beans in it, so I took the nylon rope that I had saved from one of the canopies that the wind tore up, and stitched it through the beanbag to make the hammock. I put hooks in the ceiling to hang the shelf and hammock from and voilà! A new shelf and beanbag hammock so the cats can go a hammocking in.

Earlier in the day, I rebuilt the seat on our benchpress. I had welded together the benchpress out of scrap iron 40 years ago, and the plywood that makes up the base of the multi-position seat had weathered to the point that the screws in the various hinged parts were falling out. I sandwiched the plywood between aluminum strips to create strong surfaces to secure the various hinges to, so now the multi-position seat is rebuilt and fully operational. We'll have to see if it lasts another 40 years.


Rosencrantz isn't so sure about hammocking.


Marble is always looking for high places, so she was very interested in the hammock.


Marble had a good vantage point to see what no good the other kitties were up to.


The new telephone pole makes a great scratching post.


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Thanks, Julie!
Now that looks like a fine hammock and one that allows a nice view point! I think Grace would love that telephone pole :)
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Hi Herman. You definitely need a few tools. I'm eager to see what you come up with.
Thanks for the interesting website, Tim! Think I need to buy some tools to get started... ;-)
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Thanks, Teagan. I just finished adding a staircase on the other side.
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