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While on our evening walk along the river, I spied this pair of Great Horned Owls sitting high in a cottonwood.


The larger owl on the left (I assume the female) turned around and looked back at me before taking flight.


By the time she flew out of the trees where I could get a clear shot of her, she was almost over Laurie. Owls are silent in flight, so she flew over Laurie without notice.


I walked around the other side of where the male was perched and got a good shot of how well his feathers blend in with the cottonwood's bark.


He turned around to see what I was up to, and gave me a sideways glance.


So I moved around and got a sideways shot of him.


I was waiting to see if he would fly, but he was content on staying perched and looking demure.


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Thanks, Julie!
Such regal looking birds .. love the pic of the bird in flight, a stunner of a shot :D
T & L Photos
Thanks, Janna! They seem to like the attention is some strange way.
Gorgeous owls! I imagine they were wondering about the "stalker" tracking them :)
T & L Photos
Thanks, Imelda!
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