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Since the old guy is standing on the median with cars passing by, is he using RepeNT as a "transitive" verb in an attempt to cause us to feel sorrow and regret for driving our cars instead of riding donkeys, especially on Palm Sunday? Or is he using RepeNT as an "intransitive" verb commanding us to turn away from our sinful ways of driving our cars, and to follow amended forms of our lives by riding donkeys?  Or could he be using RepeNT as a form of "re-pent" wanting us to give up the freedom of driving our cars, become confined to our homes, repressed by public transit or ride donkeys?




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Thanks, Julie! I thought he was silly.
Whichever way you look at it, great pics! And bless him for his dedication ..
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Welcome, Harry!
Thanks for the explanation :-)
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Thanks, Herman!
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