Fastening Systems

April 03, 2017  •  10 Comments


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Hi David. FireWire zip drives are rare. I didn't see one listed on eBay when I searched. I have lots of old USB and parallel zip drives in a shelf in my office, but I think it was kind of an anomaly to end up with a FireWire zip drive. We have lots of FireWire hard drives and couple FireWire iSight cameras, from when all our Macs had FireWire.
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Thanks, Christine. You don't have to get it. Simply forms and colors. But since I'm IT in an architectural related business, I can easily put together juxtaposing fastening systems and they make sense to me.
FireWire, zip drive ... haven't heard those for a long time. I had a USB zip drive, but ate through those zip disks much too quickly. Sold it on eBay for nearly how much when I bought it new.

The bag of fasteners, far more universal and has not become obsolete. :)
Christine Robinson(non-registered)
Yep, Tim, another one not getting it! Obsolete IT stuff! Don't remember seeing anything like that. How old is it? Christine
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Thanks, Lavinia! I didn't expect people would get it as it's pretty obscure. A staff member found the firewire zip drive in a cabinet and brought it to me. I set it on the magazine and then noticed later that they looked great together and did have a relationship in fastening, although much different types of things.
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